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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Alvington has started the process of creating a neighbourhood development plan for the parish, and the District Council has approved the whole parish as the “neighbourhood area” for the plan.

Steering group meetings are usually on the third Monday of each month, from 1.30 pm in the village hall, and everyone is welcome to attend.

What is a neighbourhood development plan

Neighbourhood area application notice – Alvington

Alvington Parish

Alvington NDP Steering Group Terms of Reference 11.5.16


Alvington NDP minutes 21.3.16

Alvington NDP Communication Strategy 04.2016[3223]

Alvington NDP minutes 18.4.16

Alvington NDP minutes 23.5.16

Alvington NDP minutes 27.6.16

Alvington NDP minutes 15.7.16

Alvington NDP minutes 22.8.16

Alvington NDP minutes 19.9.16

Alvington NDP minutes 29.9.16

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